Compensation Factors for Accident Claims

When you file an accident claim, your goal is to receive compensation for all the damages incurred, such as medical bills, lost wages and physical damages. Have you ever wondered how that number is calculated?

While every case is different, there are a handful of considerations that almost always increase or decrease the total amount of accident compensation you receive. This number is determined by an insurance adjuster based on the facts of your case.

In this article, personal injury lawyer firm, Evolve Legal, will break down the different factors that influence the total monetary value attached to your accident claim.

Factors that Result in Higher Compensation

Serious injury is the most common factor that increases the total amount of damages in your accident claim. A serious injury may include:

  • Broken bones or nerve damage
  • Medical expenses for treatment
  • Prescribed medication for treatment
  • Long-term injury treatment
  • Permanent injury
  • Physical or emotional distress
  • Interruptions to daily life

Factors that Result in Lower Compensation

On the other hand, if your injuries are not life-altering or serious, an insurance adjuster will likely lower the amount of accident compensation you receive. Examples of less-severe injuries include:

  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Medical expenses for diagnosis, not treatment
  • Medical expenses from non-doctor providers
  • Short recovery period
  • No permanent injuries
  • No physical or emotional damage beyond the original injury

Other Considerations for an Accident Claim

In addition to the extent of your injuries, other factors influence the dollar amount of your accident claim, including:

  • Whether you are fully, partially or not at fault
  • Your professionalism during the claim process
  • How sympathetic and cooperative the other party is
  • If you have witnesses to the accident

What’s This Mean for Your Claim?

Don’t let these factors scare you away from filing a personal injury claim if you are hurt in an accident. You can set up a consultation to discuss your case with an accident lawyer at Evolve Legal in Queensland. To learn more about how much your case is worth, call us on 1300 025 101 or complete the contact form.