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Evolve Legal offers simple, cost-effective services that anyone can access. We provide you with various options, and you can select which one will work best for you. If there are any additional fees, we’ll be sure to get your permission first before proceeding.

What We Offer

We offer many different services at Legal Evolve. Select the areas of interest below to find out more.

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We understand buying or selling property can be confusing and costly. You need a lawyer that can get the job done without breaking the bank, so you can spend more money on decorating your new home or planning your celebration holiday. That’s why we offer a fixed fee conveyancing service that is streamlined and simple, to take the time and hassle out of the process.


Wills & Estates

Organising your wills and estates matters may be the last thing on your mind, but when the time comes it is imperative that your assets are sorted to make the situation easier for your loved ones. Our Gold Coast lawyers understand that wills and estate matters are extremely personal and handle your matters with special care and consideration. We offer various services as listed below that can assist you with your wills and estates matters.


Personal Injury

Attached to many Superannuation accounts are insurances that provide a lump sum benefit if you are unable to continue working because you have become sick, unwell or injured.   You do not need to show someone is at fault for your inability to work in order to lodge a claim.   The terms of each insurance policy may differ, but exploring this option can make a big difference to your life when you are no longer able to return to your usual job.   



Please complete the below form and a member of our staff will be in contact with you to discuss your Visa options as soon as possible. We offer consultations in person, telephone or via Skype.


Small Business

Small businesses often require legal assistance. Our lawyers regularly assist small business owners with legal services ranging from starting the business, preparing and negotiating contracts, engaging employees, trade marking, all the way through to selling the business.

What we Are

Legal Evolve is the home to many experienced, specialist lawyers. Learn more about our team by selecting them below.

Why Choose Us

Quality Assurance

Legal Evolve is 100% backed by the prestigious commercial law firm, Ramsden Lawyers. All documents are subject to strict quality control from our experienced, expert lawyers.

No Nonsense

While we could chat for hours about legislation using legal jargon, we know it’s best to get to the point. That’s why we use plain English words that make sense, so there are no misunderstandings and we are all on the same page.

Quick Turnaround

We understand that document turnaround time can mean the difference between a deal falling over or going through. That’s why we have made our documents quick and easy to use, ensuring a speedy turnaround time you will be happy with.

Cost certainty

We know there’s nothing worse than getting a bill that is more than what you were expecting – so you won’t get that from us. Our Gold Coast lawyers provide our fixed fee quote before commencing work on the matter and will let you know if anything changes.

FREE Legal Resources

We have a wealth of legal advice and resources relating to all our practice areas available for you to download for free here.