TPD Insurance

How Super is Your Super? Understanding Your Superannuation and TPD Insurance


Are you confident your superannuation is performing at its best? At Evolve Legal, we aim to ensure you understand the vital role superannuation and Total and Personal Disability (TPD) insurance play in securing your future. In this article, our team break down the essentials of superannuation and TPD insurance, showing how they work together to offer comprehensive protection. Read More.

National Redress Scheme

Amendments to the National Redress Scheme


In 2018, the Australian Government established The National Redress Scheme to assist survivors of childhood sexual abuse by providing support and compensation without the need for legal action. In this article, Partner Jake Gardiner outlines the scheme's purpose and recent legislative changes aimed at enhancing survivors' access to justice. Read More.

Mining Accidents

Workers Compensation for Mining Accidents


For decades, Queensland's mineral-rich mines have offered stable employment, despite the industry's demanding nature. Despite its appeal, mining work can lead to unfortunate accidents, causing severe injuries. In this article, we explore the importance of seeking compensation for workplace injuries in the mines and how to get legal support for your claim. Read More.

Institutional Sexual Abuse

NSW Supreme Court Grants 1.33 Million Dollars to Institutional Sexual Abuse Survivor


After nearly four decades of experiencing Institutional Sexual Abuse, a victim has been granted approximately $1.33 million in compensation. The plaintiff endured a series of physical abuses spanning over two years at the hands of a teacher at the school they attended. In this article, our personal injury lawyers shed light on the case, outlining the court's findings and the awarded compensation. Furthermore, they also explain the importance of obtaining professional legal advice for cases involving Institutional Sexual Abuse. Read More.

Institutional Abuse

Seeking Justice for Victims: Addressing Institutional Abuse of Minors in Queensland


In Australia, many people who were once in the care of institutions face the lingering effects of institutional abuse. Whether in detention centres, schools, or religious organisations, minors have suffered lasting harm. This article explores the issue of institutional abuse, highlighting the need for acknowledgment and accountability for historical institutional abuse, the avenues such as the National Redress Scheme and the importance of comprehensive support systems. Read More.

Motor Vehicle Accident

What Constitutes ‘Proper Search And Inquiry” After a Motor Vehicle Accident?


Navigating the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident is often a daunting journey, one where critical decision can shape the course of your recovery and financial stability. In our comprehensive article, crafted by the dedicated experts at Ramsden Lawyers Personal Injury team, we unravel the intricacies of safeguarding your right to compensation. From the pivotal moments at the accident scene to the vital steps to protect your rights, we provide invaluable insights and actionable advice. Discover why documenting details, seeking medical attention, and reporting the incident promptly are crucial. Our team specialises in guiding you through this complex process, ensuring you're well-prepared to secure the compensation you rightfully deserve. Don't leave your claim to chance; empower yourself with knowledge and take control of your future today. Read More.

Road Safety

Navigating Safely: Road Safety Beyond the Festive Season


This article delves into the misconceptions and realities of road safety, particularly during the festive season. Despite popular belief, research reveals that the primary causes of road accidents - excessive speed, alcohol impairment, and driver fatigue - remain constant throughout the year, not just during holidays. Evolve Legal’s Personal Injury Law team emphasises the importance of year-round vigilance on Australian roads. Our study, supported by data from the Australian Government Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts (BITRE), underscores the need to apply road safety strategies continuously. While the holiday season may heighten awareness, it's crucial to recognise that road safety is a daily commitment. By fostering a strong understanding of road risks and advocating for responsible driving practices, we aim to contribute to safer roads for all, regardless of the season. Read More.

Public Liability Claims

A Simple Guide To Public Liability Claims


In today's bustling environment, accidents can strike anywhere – from shopping centres to streets. When such misfortunes befall, public liability claims are a pathway to justice for the aggrieved. The landscape of these claims, governed by the Personal Injuries Proceedings Act 2002, can be intricate. But what's clear is the importance of timely action and legal expertise. At Evolve Legal, led by Senior Associate Janet Clark, real-life cases exemplify their dedication to justice. As advocates for those injured, we emphasise the significance of acting swiftly and seeking professional guidance for rightful compensation. Read More.

Work-Related Incident Claims

Understanding Work-Related Incident Claims: A Simple Guide


Understanding work-related incidents and subsequent claims can be complex, especially amidst the pain and disruption such incidents bring. These incidents can adversely affect an individual's health, livelihood, and day-to-day activities. However, knowing one's rights and the associated legalities is crucial. Evolve Legal's Core PI division specialises in supporting survivors of work-related incidents in Queensland. From highlighting the importance of timely claim lodgings to dissecting the nuances of various injury claims, they offer a comprehensive guide to navigate this labyrinth. This article provides a detailed insight into the phases of claims, focusing on both statutory and common law perspectives. Furthermore, it underscores the significance of proper injury assessment and the evolving challenges in psychological claims. With expertise in the field, Evolve Legal's team acts as a beacon, ensuring victims' rights are recognised and they get the compensation they deserve. Read More.

car accident

Understanding Motor Vehicle Claims: A Simple Guide


Understanding the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident goes beyond the immediate impact; it delves into legalities, rights, and claims. This article offers victims invaluable insights into the legal landscape of claims, emphasising personal injury caused by such incidents. Authored by Evolve Legal's Senior Associate, Janet Clark, the guide outlines the nuances of the claims process in Queensland, including crucial time frames and complexities surrounding unidentified vehicles. With cases of delayed injury symptoms becoming more frequent, the guide also underscores the importance of timely medical consultations. Partner with Evolve Legal for adept guidance and representation in your motor vehicle claims journey. Read More.