Jul 27 2022

Supreme Court of Queensland confirms that a “minor” collision does not mean minor injuries - Taxi Driver awarded substantial damages

Supreme Court awards Taxi driver involved in Motor vehicle accident over $200,000, even though the car accident injuries/ impact was minor, he had prior medical conditions and the medical expert evidence indicated 0% permanent impairment. [...]

Historical Childhood Sexual Abuse

Oct 26 2021

Blurred lines are now more clear: Private school liable for Historical Childhood Sexual Abuse

In October 2021, the Supreme Court of Victoria awarded a landmark $2.7 million in damages to a private school victim of childhood sexual abuse.  This is the highest amount of damages awarded for an institutional abuse case so far in Victoria.   [...]

Workplace Injury

Oct 08 2021

$500,000 in Damages for Banana-based Workplace Injury

A recent Supreme Court of Queensland case of has hit home the importance of appropriate training in the workplace for employers, employees and temporary workers. In a nutshell, this case reveals that safety at work is the responsibility for both employers and workers. [...]

National Child Protection

Sep 08 2021

National Child Protection Week

National Child Protection Week runs from 5 to 11 September 2021. It serves to remind us of the importance of preventing child abuse and neglect. The theme for 2021’s NCP Week is  “Every child, in every community, needs a fair go”. [...]

boss insists on going with me to my medical appointment

Sep 06 2021

My boss insists on going with me to my medical appointments

Medical appointments are private – Employers have no rights to attend an injured worker’s medical appointments. If your boss is pressuring you to let them attend your medical appointments, you should tread carefully and protect your rights to privacy. [...]

personal injury claim

Aug 05 2021

Your personal injury claim does the taxpayer a favour

By exercising legitimate rights to bring a claim, the injured person is doing the government (and ultimately the taxpayers) a favour. They are enabling money to be tipped back into the coffers of the government. [...]

Queensland WorkCover regime

Jul 06 2021

Receiving compensation for a work injury and can’t complete tasks around the home?

If you are struggling with self-care, or need help with daily activities while recuperating, speak to your doctor to get a written recommendation or referral for domestic assistance. [...]

employers responsibility

Apr 19 2021

Lack of Employers Responsibility in Money Saving Machinery Modification Costs the Life of a Worker.

In a recent finding of Coroners Court of Qld, the Coroner was critical of BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA)’s attempt to reduce costs by modifying its plant and equipment. The modification of the machinery was done to reduce downtime and costs associated with maintenance [...]

Lying to WorkCover

Mar 16 2021

It Never Pays To Lie To WorkCover or Your Doctors...

It is important to be aware of the WorkCover fraud provisions under the Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003 QLD. The best protection against a fraud is to be full and frank with the insurer and your doctors and keeping the insurer informed of any work-related activities being performed (whether paid or unpaid).  [...]