Do i Need a Will

Feb 05 2020

Do I Need A Will?

Although, we as humans hesitate from the thought of death, it is important to consider what happens to our loved ones, our assets and wishes after [...]

WorkCover Injured at work

Jan 20 2020

WorkCover Queensland

WorkCover Queensland is a government owned statutory body, providing workers’ compensation insurance to Queensland employers since 1997. It is mandatory for all Queensland employers to hold [...]

CTP Insurance

Jan 15 2020

CTP Insurance & Motor Vehicle Claims Queensland

If you own a motor vehicle that is used or is intended to be used on public roads in Australia, you are required to take out [...]

witnessing signatures on property documents

Nov 15 2019

Witnessing Signatures on Property Documents

You don’t really need to see the signature to witness it? It can sometimes be annoying for clients when lawyers are so pedantic about witnessing a [...]

Mental Illness in the Workplace

Oct 11 2019

Psychological Injuries and Mental Illness in the Workplace

Mental illness affects 4 million Australians and every day, eight Australians take their own life. Mental health disorders are invisible to the eye and it can [...]