You might be entitled to funding for assistance with chores around the home from the Queensland WorkCover regime


Many people struggle with housework, cleaning, laundry or gardening when recovering from their work injury. Many ordinary daily tasks become impossible for a period of time when injured. For example, washing dishes is difficult when your arms are covered in bandages. A back injury can make it difficult to bend down to scrub the floors. Shoulder surgery might make changing the sheets on the bed tricky. Pushing a lawn mower might be problematic with a broken leg. However, the Queensland WorkCover regime can provide support or payment for domestic tasks.

The legislation provides for a caring allowance to be funded if you need help with day-to-day activities. Help with domestic duties may include a cleaner/house keeper a gardener to mow your lawns. You may even qualify for this funding if you have someone at home who could do it for your out of the goodness of their heart.

If you are struggling with self-care, or need help with daily activities while recuperating, speak to your doctor to get a written recommendation or referral for domestic assistance. WorkCover should then arrange an Occupational Therapist to do an independent assessment your level of need and what you require to help you manage.

Also, if you have suffered a serious personal injury, like a traumatic brain injury, permanent spinal cord injury, amputation, blindness or serious burns, you may be entitled to even more levels of support from the Queensland WorkCover regime. In addition, you might also be eligible for supports through other statutory regimes.

Injured workers need support. Don’t sit at home and struggle. The workers compensation regime is designed to help you to get back on your feet as quickly as possible. If assistance around the home is going to improve your quality of life while recovering, then put your hand up for help. Speak to your doctors, physiotherapists, psychologist or other treatment providers about your needs and raise it with WorkCover. Your road to recovery might then be just a little less bumpy.


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