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Wills & Estates Gold Coast

Wills & Estates Gold Coast

Preparing or updating your will may be the last thing on your mind, but when the time comes it is imperative that you have arrangements in place to make the situation easier for your loved ones. We understand that wills and estate matters are extremely personal, and it’s important your affairs are handled with special care and consideration. We offer various services, such as estate litigation and estate planning, as listed below that can assist you with your wills and estates matters.

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A Will details how you wish for your estate to be dealt with after your death. If you are over the age of eighteen (18), it is important to have a Will to organise the distribution of your various assets such as house, land, shares, bank accounts and insurance policies. To find out what would happen if you passed away without having a will (intestacy), please click here.

We offer electronic consultations and legal advice whereby we can explain to you the elements of your Will. We will go through all the various terms with you so that you can fully understand the contents of your Will and how your assets will be handled.

We also offer a lower cost service for those who are already familiar with Will documents whereby you can download our template and complete it yourself, and we will review it and advise you if we see any need for amendments.

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Evolve Legal - Enduring Power of Attorney

Enduring Power of Attorney

An Enduring Power of Attorney is a legal document that enables another person to make personal and/or financial decisions on your behalf when you are no longer able to due to illness or accident. Enduring Power of Attorneys can be temporary or permanent and are customizable to suit your needs. To learn more about what kind of decisions your attorney can make, please click here.

Similar to our Will services, we offer varying levels of service and can work with you and your budget.

Testamentary Trusts

A testamentary trust is established in a Will and comes into affect after the death of the person making the Will. There are many taxation and financial planning benefits for a testamentary trust in comparison to a discretionary family trust. To find out more about the benefits of a testamentary trust, please click here.

Our lawyers are experienced in testamentary trusts and can assist you with the setup of your trust and answer any queries that you may have.

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Evolve Legal - Probate & Other Grants of Representation

Probate & Other Grants of Representation

The three many types of estate grants are: Grant of probate, Grant of letters of administration of the will and Grant of letters of administration (of an intestate estate). A Grant of probate is an official recognition of the court that the will is legally valid and that the executor is authorized to deal with the estate, a Grant of letters of administration with the will deals with situations where all executors named in the will passed away before the person who created the Will and a Grant of letters of administration (of an intestate estate) may be granted when a person dies without a valid Will.

We can assist with all types of probates and grants and offer services to both executors and other family members.

Estate Administration

Estate administration generally involves the facilitation of releasing assets to the estate and distribution of the assets to the beneficiaries noted in the will. There are various steps to dealing with an estate administration and can be a complicated and lengthy process.

We have lawyers that are experienced in all aspects of estate administration that can assist you.

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