Workplace Injury

Oct 08 2021

$500,000 in Damages for Banana-based Workplace Injury

A recent Supreme Court of Queensland case of has hit home the importance of appropriate training in the workplace for employers, employees and temporary workers. In a nutshell, this case reveals that safety at work is the responsibility for both employers and workers. [...]

boss insists on going with me to my medical appointment

Sep 06 2021

My boss insists on going with me to my medical appointments

Medical appointments are private – Employers have no rights to attend an injured worker’s medical appointments. If your boss is pressuring you to let them attend your medical appointments, you should tread carefully and protect your rights to privacy. [...]

Queensland WorkCover regime

Jul 06 2021

Receiving compensation for a work injury and can’t complete tasks around the home?

If you are struggling with self-care, or need help with daily activities while recuperating, speak to your doctor to get a written recommendation or referral for domestic assistance. [...]

employers responsibility

Apr 19 2021

Lack of Employers Responsibility in Money Saving Machinery Modification Costs the Life of a Worker.

In a recent finding of Coroners Court of Qld, the Coroner was critical of BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA)’s attempt to reduce costs by modifying its plant and equipment. The modification of the machinery was done to reduce downtime and costs associated with maintenance [...]

Lying to WorkCover

Mar 16 2021

It Never Pays To Lie To WorkCover or Your Doctors...

It is important to be aware of the WorkCover fraud provisions under the Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003 QLD. The best protection against a fraud is to be full and frank with the insurer and your doctors and keeping the insurer informed of any work-related activities being performed (whether paid or unpaid).  [...]

Personal Injury on a Visa

Feb 12 2021

I am in Australia on a Visa - Can I make a Personal Injury Claim?

In Australia, we have a long and proud history of providing legal remedies and access justice where people are injured because someone else was negligent. This means that, generally speaking, you are entitled to compensation regardless of your immigration status. This may include items such as your out-of-pocket expenses, lost income, medical expenses, and rehabilitation costs. [...]

QLD Workers Compensation Scheme

Jul 21 2020

Why Queensland Workers are let down by the QLD Workers Compensation Scheme

Under the current Queensland workers compensation system, the onus is on the injured worker to prove that the incident happened. The reason that the Queensland workers compensation system lets down victims of sexual harassment or bullying is that the very design of the system enables the bully or harasser to use their power to avoid a claim.  [...]

Personal Injury Law

Jun 22 2020

Why Story Telling is Important in Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury law is complex. There are multiple pieces of legislation that apply. There are complex examples of case law that must be understood, applied or distinguished in order to be successful. But being a technically good lawyer will only advance a client so far. To maximise the effectiveness of the client’s case, a lawyer must do more than provide a clinically accurate presentation of your matter. They must tell a story. [...]

Cycling Injury

May 19 2020

Have you been injured while riding your bike?

Cycling is a great way to get some fresh air, get fit and move around our community while causing less damage to the planet! But if a rider gets injured the results can be devastating. Not only is there damage to the bike, but there can be pain, the need for treatment and an adverse impact on the ability to work. [...]

Motorcycle rider in Queensland

Apr 14 2020

Motorcycle Insurance and Registration in Queensland

If you own a motorcycle that is used or is intended to be used on public roads in Australia, you are required to take out insurance against liability for the death or personal injury of others arising out of an accident. [...]