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Jul 21 2020

Why Queensland Workers are often let down by the QLD Workers Compensation Scheme

Under the current Queensland workers compensation system, the onus is on the injured worker to prove that the incident happened. The reason that the Queensland workers compensation system lets down victims of sexual harassment or bullying is that the very design of the system enables the bully or harasser to use their power to avoid a claim.  [...]

Jun 22 2020

Why Story Telling is Important in Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury law is complex. There are multiple pieces of legislation that apply. There are complex examples of case law that must be understood, applied or distinguished in order to be successful. But being a technically good lawyer will only advance a client so far. To maximise the effectiveness of the client’s case, a lawyer must do more than provide a clinically accurate presentation of your matter. They must tell a story. [...]

May 19 2020

Have you been injured while riding your bike?

Cycling is a great way to get some fresh air, get fit and move around our community while causing less damage to the planet! But if a rider gets injured the results can be devastating. Not only is there damage to the bike, but there can be pain, the need for treatment and an adverse impact on the ability to work. [...]

Motorcycle rider in Queensland

Apr 14 2020

Motorcycle Insurance and Registration in Queensland

If you own a motorcycle that is used or is intended to be used on public roads in Australia, you are required to take out insurance against liability for the death or personal injury of others arising out of an accident. [...]

Qld workcover compensation payout

Mar 24 2020

Queensland WorkCover Compensation Payouts

If you are a Queensland employee and you are injured at work, you may be eligible to pursue a statutory claim and/or a common law claim. [...]

Nervous shock claims motor vehicle accidents

Mar 10 2020

Nervous Shock Claims & Motor Vehicle Accidents

According to the Australian Road Deaths database, 1,203 people died on Australian roads as a result of motor vehicle accidents in 2018. These figures are increasing [...]

WorkCover Injured at work

Jan 20 2020

WorkCover Queensland

WorkCover Queensland is a government owned statutory body, providing workers’ compensation insurance to Queensland employers since 1997. It is mandatory for all Queensland employers to hold [...]

Motor vehicel claims

Jan 15 2020

Motor Vehicle Claims Queensland

If you own a motor vehicle that is used or is intended to be used on public roads in Australia, you are required to take out [...]

Oct 11 2019

Psychological Injuries and Mental Illness in the Workplace

Mental illness affects 4 million Australians and every day, eight Australians take their own life. Mental health disorders are invisible to the eye and it can [...]