Brett Kostiw

Brett Kostiw Paralegal

Brett Kostiw, is currently in the final semester of his Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice at Bond University. Brett aspires to be admitted as a solicitor next year after completing his PLT with Evolve Legal. He holds a Bachelor of Arts, specialising in Law & Justice, a Juris Doctor specialising in  Legal Practice and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice. He also a has a background as a courtroom clerk in Canada for approximately four years , Brett discovered his passion for law, appreciating its intricacies and the continuous learning it offers.

Since joining Evolve Legal, Brett has cultivated a deep understanding and interest in personal injury law, finding fulfillment in assisting clients and pursuing the compensation they deserve. He values the professionalism and integrity inherent in the legal industry.

Beyond his legal pursuits, Brett maintains an active lifestyle, enjoying outdoor activities such as hiking and the challenge of escape rooms. Additionally, he also enjoys trying new foods form various cuisines.